There was a war. We don’t know who the other side was; we just know that we lost, badly. Our home is not our own anymore. Now we are refugees fleeing across the sea, hoping to find a fresh start in a distant land. Unfortunately, few of us are making it out of this nightmare. We need your help.

You are from a continent called Quari. There is absolutely no way that you do not know about this war; it pervaded the entire continent. This war was fought against some sort of supernatural being. No one, not at least that you’ve talked to, seems to know what it is exactly. All that you know, all that everyone knows, is that this presence won by corrupting your world. From trees, to forest creatures, to your neighbors, to things you’ve never seen, the corruption runs deep.

Fighting back against this evil is no longer a viable option. There are too few of you; people died, or worse, en mass during the war. This land no longer seems to be worth saving, for what is left? Running is now your only option. Getting off of this continent and on to the next one, Kivat. Unfortunately, you know little about this other continent, but it seems to be your only hope.

However, you are not just getting yourselves off of the smoldering heap of charcoal, there are plenty of other refugees that need to be escorted from town to town and eventually off of the continent. They may be friends, foes, or completely helpless, but you have been hired to protect them. But what may you ask is money even worth now? Why should you help these people?

Are you missing members of your family? Do you feel guilty for being one of the few surviving members of your brigade in the war? Or do you just want the secrets and tips that you will earn for getting from point A to point B? Whatever your reason, you will be paid in better odds of surviving. And who knows, there might just be enemies to kill along the way and those dear to you to recover.


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